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Fuse Rails BTR 3

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  • 1. Conjoined type can be a three-phase closed off simultaneously
    2. Operation safely. while fuse installed in the handle and it can be used as a contact blade directly.
    3. It is beautiful and practical and the whole switch can be disassemblyed easily. and installed in the cabinet fastly.;
    4. Wiring reduced make it easy to increase the loop and the utilization of the cabinet;
    5. The resin glass fiber base (BMC-UP(GF15 ). FR/DMC-2).with flame retardant grade. and the enclosure rating up to IP30;
    6. The latest product has highest usage in the market.;
    7. The instantaneous breaking force is up to 100kA. and the operating capacity with a load can be up to 1.3 times of the rated current;
    8. It can be with the fuse monitor. signal switch and a remote control module.


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  • Type Of Fuse Switch BTR3-250E BTR3-400E BTR3-630E
    Rated Voltage (Ue) 415, 500, 690V
    Rated Thermal Current (Ith) 250A 400A 630A
    Rated Frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
    Rated Insulation Voltage(Ui) 1000V 1000V 1000V
    Rated Impulse
    Withstand Voltage(Uimp)
    10KV 10KV 10KV
    Application Classes 415V 500V 690V 415V 500V 690V 415V 500V 690V
    AC23B AC22B AC21B AC23B AC22B AC21B AC23B AC22B AC21B
    Degree Of Protection IP30 IP30 IP30
    Fuse Size 1 2 3
    Rated Voltage (Ue) 415V 500V 690V 415V 500V 690V 415V 500V 690V
    Rated Working Current(Ie) 250A 250A 200A 400A 400A 350A 630A 630A 500A
    Wire Specifications 120mm² 240mm² 300mm²
    The Default Connection Mode V-clamp
    The Other Connection Mode Screw&Cable lug
    Installation Of Busbar 1. Punched rectangle busbar   2. Unpunched rectangle busbar   3. Other
    Fixed Way 1. Screw  2. Hook   3. Other custom accessories

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