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A few common mistakes in fuse selection?

Many engineers only pay attention to the same current specifications when changing different brands of products, which is actually a misunderstanding. Chen Feng said that the rated current and series name of the fuse are only used to distinguish the other specifications from other series, and can not accurately reflect the true fuse characteristics of the fuse, so different brands of fuses, even the rated current and series categories Similarly, they cannot be directly replaced with each other. Design engineers choose the application and circuit parameters to choose from, and the price/performance ratio of each brand is also an important consideration.
If you are not a senior engineer, you have a wealth of experience and knowledge of fuses. It is easy to fall into the following misunderstandings when selecting fuses:
1. The fuse is too expensive. Although the fuse may have been really expensive, it is now cheaper than before. Due to market competition and economies of scale, prices have dropped significantly over the past few years. However, the real question is not how much the cost of these devices is, but how much it will cost to not use them in the design. Using circuit protection devices can help prevent catastrophic failures that can damage not only the equipment but also the reputation of the business.
2, I feel that the fuse can be used or not, always think that one in 10,000 of the fault will not happen on the product of its own design, in fact, the fuse should be guarded against that one thousandth of the fault!
3. Searching for simple use experience on the Internet, the result is to select the rated current of the fuse according to the rated working current 1.5 times, so that the selection of the fuse is artificially simplified, ignoring the influence of current fluctuation and temperature, and booting. An aging problem with pulse accumulation causes a fault to occur.
4. When changing different brand products, only the current specifications are the same. In fact, they are not all correct. Because the fuse characteristics of different brands are different under the same specifications, it is still necessary to verify the problems of the above selection. In some cases, it may need to be replaced with different ones. Characteristics and current specifications.
5. When an abnormal blow occurs on the production line, it is considered that the fuse capacity is insufficient, and the rated current specification of the large fuse is changed without analysis. The result of this is that it may weaken the fuse's ability to protect the circuit.
When it comes to cost performance, this is the outstanding advantage of BARFUSE Electric Co., Ltd brand products. Headquartered in Shenzhen, it has materials, equipment, process technology and many patents. It is a professional of high reliability components for home appliances, communications, automobiles, lighting and digital products. manufacturer. With the continuous development of light, thin, moving and small electronic digital products, fuses will be developed in a more diversified form and a wider coverage. Specifically, the fuse characteristics are finer and more precise; the product size is smaller. The current and voltage specifications of the product are further expanded to both ends; the production process innovation and cost are reduced as much as possible, and then looking forward is multi-functional integration and intelligence.

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