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Are the MCB components testing important components good or bad?

Printed circuit boards are composed of various electrical components which need to function correctly, and MCB testing is essential to test that each component is functioning. Having quality control and quality assurance throughout the designing and manufacturing processes is crucial, especially in the early stages. In the designing stage, MCB testing can be performed to analyse issues and minimise faults. Techniques such as EMI, Signal Integrity, and Power Integrity, can help identify problems early on in the design stage.
Capacitors are essentially electronic devices which store energy as an electrostatic field. They consist of an insulating material placed between conductive plates. Testing a capacitor in a printed circuit board requires one end of the capacitor to be removed from the circuit board. Then, it’s essential to make sure that the power supply of DC voltage matches the range of the capacitor to prevent overloading of the device.
Resistors are one of the most important elements on a printed circuit board. These are small electronic devices that produce a voltage by transmitting electrical currents. Testing the resistors on a printed circuit board can be done by firstly isolating the resistors so that the results won’t be skewed by other components on the circuit board. You can then use a digital multimeter or an analogue meter to measure the results. To test the resistor, simply connect the leads from the multimeter to the resistor and run a test.
Diodes are electrical devices which transmit current in a single direction, and they consist of semi-conductive material between terminals. Essentially, diodes provide a current in one direction, whilst blocking the current in the opposite direction. Diodes are very sensitive components so caution is advised when testing the component. It is recommended to consult with a professional before testing electrical equipment. To test a diode, you will need to disconnect one end of the diode from the MCB. You can then use a digital meter or an analogue meter and find the red and black meter probes.

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