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BARFUSE fuse switch description

As per IEC 60947-3, the switch-disconnector can perform the nonfrequent opening under load. The FSW series has arc chambers for the extinction of the electric arc and disconnects all the phases together, ensuring full insulation between the load circuit and power supply.
In the opening of the switch-disconnector, the fuses remain fixed to the cover, preventing their drop or accidental contact between the energized parts. Furthermore, the cover is totally removable, allowing simple fuse replacement in a simple and safe area out of the electrical panel.
The switch-disconnectors also feature a built-in auxiliary contact in order to indicate when they are open or not properly closed. As accessory, it is possible to mount terminal covers on the connecting terminals so as to reduce the risk of accidental contact with the power cables.
The switch-disconnectors are manufactured to use as conductor element (link) the blade contact fuses with dimensions established by standard DIN 43620, NH-type fuse. The switch-disconnector model to be used is directly linked to the dimension of the used fuse. Therefore, first a fuse housing (NH000 up to NH3) must be selected in order to define which fuse-switch-disconnector will be used.

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