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NH Fuse Rail application design and scope of use

• NH fuse-switch-disconnectors for direct installation on to triple pole busbar systems
• symmetrical switch suitable for bottom / top cable terminal connections
• or 40mm and 60mm busbar systems
• universally useable for busbars with width of 5mm and 10mm
• for horizontal and vertical use
• switch can still be adjusted after being snapped on to busbars and fi xed after adjustment
• touch protection IP20 – IP rating is maintained also when checking voltage at the fuse-links
• parking position of switch operating cover
• modular system of cover cover for cable termination area can be extended as required
• cover for touch protection for direct installation on to 60mm busbar systems
• locking and sealing facility – optional for size 00 and 1
• materials used are free of halogen, self extinguishing, marked for classifi ed recycling

Design Base
The base is touch protected. The main base consists of glass fi bre strengthened, thermically high stable,self extinguishing synthetic material free of halogen. There are no metal parts except the current carrying contact system.
Contact system
The contact system is corrosion resistant as well as torsion resistant. The copper contacts are galvanic surface coated. The contact springs are made of stainless steel.
Touch protection
The one- piece or two- piece protective cover consists of additionally strengthened thermically high stable, self extinguishing,thermoplastic material free of halogen. It is snapped into the main base.
Switch operating cover
The switch operating cover consists of glass fi bre strengthened self extinguishing, thermoplastic material free of halogen. In the ON position a spring cover plate lock secures the switch operating cover. In order to change the NH fuse-links the switch operating cover can be removed in the OFF position. The switch operating cover is supplied with large windows which enable the label and the indicator of the fuse-link to be clearly seen. These windows can be opened to check the condition of the fuse-links, a touch protection of IP 20 is guaranteed also when checking voltage at the fuse-links. If necessary the window can be secured against unauthorised opening by a locking device (accessory) - (size 00 to 2). The switch operating cover can be parked

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