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Purpose of using fuse rails

When the component is damaged due to a short circuit, it is difficult to determine the damage. It takes a lot of time to repair parts and repairs.
The fuses produced by the company can minimize the loss of these accidents, And can provide efficient maintenance work ※2. The following are some examples of the use of fuses.
Semiconductor (diode, thyristor, etc.) protection
● Purpose: To prevent overload current damage to the semiconductor when the load circuit is short-circuited Or prevent secondary damage caused by *3 when the semiconductor itself is damaged.
●Example of use: for thyristor stack, power conditioner, electric furnace (using SSR, etc.) A heater control device, a DC stabilized power supply, etc. Also includes There are modules that use electrical equipment.
Avoid short circuits caused by aging parts
Purpose: To prevent internal short circuit caused by capacitor insulation aging insulation resistance drop Secondary damage caused.
●Example of use: Circuits using capacitors and smoothing capacitors (power supply circuits, etc.).
Protection against short circuit mode (bridge arm short circuit) in the inverter
● Purpose: to prevent damage to transistors or diodes, control circuits and drives
Secondary damage caused by *3 when the circuit itself is damaged.
●Example of use: Equipment using semiconductors such as IGBTs (motor drive, air conditioner, Bridge circuit of UPS, etc.).
Avoid other output shorts, ground faults or battery shorts
● Purpose: To prevent the cause of wiring errors and poor insulation of the load Secondary damage caused by output short circuit and ground fault. Between devices and single Protection between yuan. Prevent secondary damage caused by short circuit of the battery plates.

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