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The role and structure of the fuse base in the car

The fuse can to some extent withstand a certain range of overload due to power supply or external disturbances. When a large overload current occurs in the circuit of the fuse holder, the fuse should be cut off within a fixed time. Overload current.
The car fuse base can protect the safety of other electronic components in the circuit to a certain extent. When a short circuit occurs in the circuit and its large current occurs, the fuse can safely cut off its circuit, thus saving them from Overcurrent causes damage.
The rated current in the fuse base of the car is effectively referred to as the nominal operating current of the fuse. The rated current value is usually 100mA, 160mA, 200mA, 315mA, 400mA, 500mA, 630mA, 800mA, 1A, 1.6A, 2A, 2.5. A, 3.15A, 4A, 5A, 6.3A, etc.
A fuse in a car fuse base can be used at a voltage equal to or less than its rated voltage, but generally cannot be used in a circuit where the circuit voltage is greater than the rated voltage of the fuse, the voltage drop in the device, and the rated current of the fuse.
The thermal balance of the automobile fuse base, that is, the voltage measured at both ends when the temperature is stabilized and the voltage drop across the fuse will have a certain influence on the circuit to a certain extent.

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