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fuse rail use overview

The BARFUSE NV fuse-rails comprises three single-pole connections in one unit. Each contact at an individual phase is connected to the phase on the busbar system. The other contacts are fitted with cable connecting terminals or intended for attachment of the following busbar system.
Use The BARFUSE NV fuse-rails are mainly used for cable distribution and power supply systems. Principle of operation The BARFUSE NV fuse-rails are intended for insertion of BARFUSE fuse-links that are inserted and removed from the BARFUSE NV fuse-rails by means of a special handle (refer to Catalogue ETI - BARFUSE fuse-links, Code No. number 4941111 and 4941100).
Design of BARFUSE NV fuse-rails The insulated supporting body is made of one piece, the material is polyester reinforced with glass fibres. A siBarfuseerplated contact system, fitted with tinned extinction chambers, ensures a low power dissipation, optimum thermal characteristics, and a high breaking capacity. The contact derived parts are intended for cable connections or for attachment of the next busbar system. All the live parts are protected against accidental contacts - in conformity with BVG A2. A special form of the contact part cover provides for safe insertion and removal of the BARFUSE fuse-links.
Short description The BARFUSE NV fuse-rails are manufactured in compliance with the DIN 43623 standard, and are mostly used for installation into cable distribution cabinets and power supply systems.
They are available in sizes of 00/160 A to 3/630 A. Covers provide insulation protection for all live parts.
All the BARFUSE NV fuse-rails are fitted with new, modern Delta contact systems allowing optimum pressure contact between the fuse cartridge and the BARFUSE NV fuse-rails, resulting in extremely low level of power dissipation and heating-up.
All standard insulated BARFUSE NV fuse-rails shown in the Catalogue are intended for general usage.

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