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BARFUSE Fuse Rail Introducation

In the design of this new range, BARFUSE has focused on operator safety and easy installation.
THE FUSE RAIL The triple pole fuse rails are designed for IEC EN 60269-2-1 fuse, and there are fuse links of sizes NH 00, 1, 2 and 3. They are intended for mounting on to busbars with 185 mm busbar distance, and there is a size 00 version for 100 mm busbar distance. The cable connection can either be with bolts for cable lugs, or with V-shaped cable clamps. Top or bottom entry is possible. Connection to the busbars is available either with bolts or Z-contacts.
• Compact 48 and 98 mm width
• Type tested according to IEC EN 60947-3
• IEC/DIN-busbars or Z-profile busbars
• Possibility of side cable connection
• Flame retardant materials
• Also with 100 mm size busbar distance

• Quick and flexible busbar installation
• Modern, functional and sturdy design
• Wide range of modern cable clamps
• Accessories as snap-on
• Interchangeable with similar products in the market
• Inexpensive short circuit protection

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