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How to choose a good fuse holder

1. High-voltage test, in the laboratory, a good fuse holder, for example FH10-11 products, with a high pressure resistance of at least 1500VAC for one minute, and some products can be as high as 3800VAC FOR 1 minute. In the case of a poor quality fuse holder, in the 1000VAC test, the fuse tube wall will be broken by a strong voltage, posing a risk of leakage.
2. Temperature rise test: For the temperature rise requirement of the fuse holder, the UL certification requirement is not higher than 55 °C, and the VDE and CQC requirements are not higher than 85 °C, provided that the conductive copper rod specified by the certification requirement is used as the analog fuse. In order to remove the temperature rise caused by the fuse itself, the main purpose of the temperature rise test is to check whether the fuse holder manufacturer meets the requirements, whether the conductive hardware is made of conductive brass or copper as a conductive carrier. The clamping force of the fuse clip (set) for the fuse itself to ensure full contact, reduce contact resistance and reduce temperature rise.
The basic feature of the above two points is to test the two main indicators of a high-quality fuse holder, but this test method is generally only available to the manufacturer or in the relevant laboratory.

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